With more than four years of experience as Marketing Director in the Sports betting industry and almost ten years of experience in iGaming Marketing, along with my constant pursuit of self-improvement and rapidly growing knowledge in the marketing and advertising industries, I define myself as a person who understands the market and the customer behavior to the very tiniest detail.
Believing in the values of team play, I always aim to convey my true enthusiasm and dedication in every project I engage in.

A clear view of the big picture and keeping a close eye on the details is the balance I stick to. After all, I was born under the zodiac sign of Libra. Dedicated and self-motivated, always striving to keep the passion alive for what I do.



Marketing Strategist – Highly skilled in marketing and using 360 ° of it, creative and goal oriented. I’m highly motivated and passionate about managing different initiatives, from building a strategy to increasing brand awareness and engagement.

Art Direction – Graduated in Web Design and grew up in a family of artists, my visual assessment seems to be a natural gift and its continuous development brings me satisfaction. The brand identity and awareness is an important part of our everyday life, and for me the goal has always been to bring a company through an enormous transformation.

Sports Marketing – This is when you explain to people that your work is fun and you are dedicated to it 24/7, and they are blinking in surprise. Indeed! This is the field where I feel at home and which makes me proactive.

Natural Team Leader – Passionate about uniting people around an idea, no matter what it is about. I’ve been doing this consciously or not since I was a teenager, a quality I’m not sure if you learn over the years or it comes naturally. Organization and team building is my strength; I’ve always been committed to deadlines and aiming for everyone to know what their role is in the big picture.

Growth Strategy – The experience I gained during the past few years distributing the advertising budget of one of the largest advertisers in the sector in Bulgaria, the main goals being to increase brand awareness, efficiently spend across media and marketing channels and increase online market share. How does this work? With budget management, planning and execution of marketing strategies.

Building long-term media plans that maximize reach, frequency and increase brand awareness by using any available media (TV, Socials, Google, OOH, Sponsorships, BTL and Influencers). The credit is mine for delivering media plans and high quality advertising creative ideas to ensure the growth guided by multiple business KPI’s in the market.



  • Natural Team Leader
  • Decisive Leadership
  • Believe In the values of the team play
  • Inspire people around with enthusiasm
  • Understand how to form and adjust the team to be result-oriented
  • Clear view of the big picture and yet keeping a close eye on the details
  • Understand the market and customer behavior to the very tiniest of detail
  • Organizational skills and proactivity
  • Dedicated and self-motivated
  • Passion of what I do
  • Growth Strategist
  • Goal Oriented
  • Led the company through an enormous transformation
  • Analytical skills
  • Creativity
  • Focus on Self-improvement
  • Rapidly Growing Knowledge
  • Constantly challenge myself


  • Marketing Strategy
  • 360° of Marketing
  • Art Direction
  • Sports Marketing


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